Acai Bowl Containers:

Create the Perfect Presentation for Your Healthy Delights

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Acai Bowl Containers: Showcase Your Vibrant Bowls in Style.

Level Up Your Acai Bowl Packaging: Sustainable & Customizable Options.

Attract Health-Conscious Customers: Order Eco-Friendly Acai Bowl Containers Today!

Elevate your acai bowl presentation with our customizable PET plastic deli containers!  Choose from a range of sizes and customize them with your branding for a unique and sustainable packaging solution.  Free delivery across California and our user-friendly online design app make creating the perfect acai bowl containers a breeze!

In today’s health-conscious market, presentation is key. Acai bowls are a vibrant and delicious option, and the container you choose plays a crucial role in their overall appeal.  Our PET plastic deli containers offer the perfect blend of functionality and style.  Made from durable, crystal-clear plastic, they showcase the freshness and vibrancy of your acai bowls, while remaining lightweight and comfortable for customers to hold.

We offer two popular sizes of PET plastic deli containers to meet your needs:

PET Plastic Deli Container Dome Lid 8-32 oz (117mm): This versatile container is perfect for a variety of acai bowl sizes.  The secure dome lid ensures freshness during transport and prevents messy spills.

PET Plastic Deli Container 32 oz (117mm): This larger container is ideal for showcasing overflowing acai bowls with generous toppings.  It’s also a great option for offering larger portion sizes.

Both containers are fully customizable!  Our online design app allows you to upload your logo, brand colors, and even photos of your delicious acai bowls to create packaging that reflects your unique brand identity.

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PET plastic is one of the most widely recycled plastics. Check with your local recycling facilities to ensure proper disposal.
While we don’t currently offer compartmentalized containers, our 8-32 oz option is a great size for layering your acai bowl ingredients for a visually appealing presentation.

Our online design app allows you to upload logos, text, and images in a variety of colors.

Ready to create stunning and sustainable packaging for your acai bowls? Our user-friendly online design app makes customization a breeze. Simply upload your artwork, choose your container size and quantity, and we’ll handle the rest. With free delivery across California and high-quality printing, we’re your one-stop shop for all your acai bowl container needs.

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